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Mortgage Rates

Know all options before making a decision

Depending on what you require, there is a mortgage type for you. Today, you can choose from two different types of mortgage rates – either a fixed or a variable rate. Depending on how comfortable you are with risk, there are differences where you can save money in the long run (a variable rate) or prefer peace of mind that comes with a fixed rate? Other things to know include are three mortgage types – open, closed and variable. To the right is our mortgage rate table that get updated daily, so check back to view our daily rates.
 *- Subject to change. Conditions may apply. Mortgage Rates updated:

Term Posted Rates*
1 Yr. 3.29 2.44
2 Yr. 3.09 2.54
3 Yr. 3.39 2.59
5 Yr. 4.84 2.84
10 Yr. 5.79 3.69
Variable 3.15 2.20

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Why Choose Us

When you decide to go with a mortgage agent like Get Approved as opposed to a bank, then you are making the right choice because a mortgage agent works for you, whereas a bank does not. It is that simple, go with an agent that will make sure you get the full service treatment and not the other way around. With a bank, you need to go to a branch, give them all your information, then they decide if you are qualified for a mortgage from them. With an agent like Get Approved, we will work hard so we find the right lender for your need and get you the amount you need to buy your dream home.

The right mortgage is very important to determine a long-term savings plan. And with a professional mortgage agent by your side, you will have someone that will be working for you objectively and will not be limited to offering you with mortgage products from one source; a bank. Get proper and sound advice on selecting the right mortgage for you.

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